Sumner Skate Zone

Summer Camp
May 29, 2018-August 3, 2018
(for children ages 5-12)

Need a great place during the week to have FUN?  Try our Summer Camp!!  Each day is from 7am-6pm.  We'll have activities, fun, and of course-Roller Skating!!!!  Get signed up today!

FUN Activities:
Dodgeball, Basketball, Tug-of-War, Arts & Crafts,
Board Games, Hula Hoop Fun, and more!!

LUNCH:  Lunch is available for purchase on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
 Other days, bring a sack lunch for your child.  Snacks are provided twice per day.


Registration Fee:
$25 for one Child or $50 per family (max of 3)

Weekly Fee:
5 Days of Care (Monday-Friday)-$100 per Child/$175 per family (max of 3)

3 Days of Care-$75 per Child/$125 per family (max of 3)

2 Days of Care-$60 per Child/$100 per family (max of 3)

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